Jimmy Iovine tells us what he thinks is missing from hip-hop today
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Jimmy Iovine has said that he feels that most modern day hip-hop is missing a sense of ‘anarchy’ and social commentary. Watch our video interview above.

The record producer and Beats co-founder was speaking to NME on the red carpet of the premiere of Netflix’s new original series The Defiant Ones – which tells the story of the rise and success of Dr Dre and Iovine in their early days through to meeting and building an empire together.

Asked if he felt any names in modern hip-hop were carrying on the legacy of the likes of Dre and NWA, Iovine replied: “I don’t know. I’m always looking for the lyricist and to see where the anarchy is coming from – words about social injustice you know. I don’t see anything like that right now.

“I’m sure there is but no one’s brought it to my attention; except for Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick Lamar

Summarising the overall message of The Defiant Ones, Iovine told NME: “There’s a white guy and a black guy from two rough, racially-challenged neighbourhoods, they stuck together through very difficult times and built a great business. We just don’t stop, and that’s what it really takes to get somewhere.”

“[Dr Dre] knows what he wants, he doesn’t compromise, and he’s not for rent”

19/03/2018 19:14:01
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