Listen to Motörhead’s cover of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’
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Motörhead have shared a previously unheard cover version of David Bowie‘s ‘Heroes’.

The band, who’s frontman Lemmy Kilmister passed away at the end of 2015, recorded the rendition during the sessions for ‘Bad Magic’. That album was released just four months before Lemmy’s death.

‘Heroes’ will feature on a new compilation record from the band called ‘Under Cöver’ – an 11-track release that finds Motörhead taking on songs by the likes of Metallica, Sex Pistols, The Ramones and more.

Listen to ‘Heroes’ below, via Rolling Stone.

Motörhead only played ‘Heroes’ live once in their career. The song appeared in the setlist in June 2015 as part of their encore at the German festival, Aftershock.

In a press release the surviving members of the band discussed the cover. Guitarist Phil Campbell said: “It’s such a great Bowie song, one of his best, and I could only see great things coming out of it from us.”

Drummer Mikkey Dee added: “[Lemmy] was very, very proud of it, not only because it turned out so well, but because it was fun! Which is what projects like this should be – fun!”

‘Under Cöver’ will be released on September 1 and will be available digitally as well as on CD and vinyl, and as a special edition box set.

03/08/2017 17:28:39
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